Academic Professional Portfolio

Academic Professional Portfolio jeff Mon, 09/30/2019 - 17:02

Students will begin to develop a portfolio which will reflect their academic and professional accomplishments.  The portfolio will begin in N314:  Introduction to Professional Practice and will be completed in N443:  Leadership and Management. The purpose of the portfolio is to “showcase” credentials that are not included in a resume. It is a biographical account of the student’s career at Lakeview College of Nursing – the goals, the objectives met, improvements in writing and nursing skills, and so on.  Collections of papers and PowerPoint handouts should be included to demonstrate the student’s best ideas, work, and accomplishments during the program. The student’s progress through the program will be reflected, which may be helpful during employment interviews.  The portfolio will become an excellent place to keep all certificates of completion, (e.g., CPR, conferences, in-services) and health records.  Students will want to ask faculty for references to include in their portfolio.  A letter of reference-recommendation form has been developed for students to complete and give to faculty.  Students need to give faculty at least two weeks’ notice when requesting a letter of reference-recommendation.

The Faculty Letter of Reference – Recommendation Form for Current LCN Students is available at