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Online Courses mshake Thu, 10/10/2019 - 10:31

Lectures, PowerPoint slides, tests, discussion forum questions, grades, and assignments will be posted on Lakeview College of Nursing Edvance360 Simply click each link to access the materials.

Technology requirements: As an online course, you are expected to have reliable Internet access on a regular basis. You have the responsibility to address any computer problems that might occur. Such problems are not a reason for delays in meeting expectations or for missing course deadlines. Support for using Edvance360 is available by contacting Miranda Shake at or by visiting the Lakeview College of Nursing web pages that provide information htttp:// At a minimum, you will need the following software/hardware to participate in this course:

  • computer with an updated operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac)
  • updated Internet browser (Apple Safari, Internet Explorer or Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox)
  • DSL or Cable internet connection or a connection speed of no less than 6 Mbps. A secure encrypted Wifi (requiring a login and password) is acceptable.
  • Microsoft Office
  • any specialized software or basic software such as Adobe Reader, Media Players, Cloud Storage, Java, anti-virus software, etc.
  • ATI:
  • Edvance360: "Firefox or Internet Explorer with JavaScript enabled"
  • LWW Point Site: "Most current" on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge.
  • SONIS: All browsers.

*Students should keep the most current version or updated version technology requirements. Updates will be published on

Edvance360 Maintenance
Please note that there are scheduled maintenance times for Edvance360. It is essential that you are aware of those times and make sure that you have submitted any work in progress (e.g., tests, assignments, posts to journal, wikis or discussion boards) prior to the systems being shutdown for maintenance. Any work in progress will be lost when the servers go down for maintenance. Students will be notified about scheduled maintenance by Miranda Shake, Library Director.