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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Policies in this section apply only to students enrolled in the non-degree courses.

Application Process
Students applying to take Chemistry, Statistics or Medical Terminology can fill out the non-degree application indicating exactly which class(es) they want to take as listed on the application. Students must submit transcripts verifying prerequisites have been met for the non-degree courses in which they are planning to enroll. Once the non-degree application has been processed, and the student has been registered, an email will be sent to the e-mail address provided on the application. Students enrolled as non-degree seeking will not be eligible for financial aid (including Lakeview scholarships). Enrollment as a non-degree student does not constitute admission into the nursing program. Non-degree students must apply for admission to be considered for degree status.

The work of each course is determined both by the content and subject matter and will be described in the course syllabus.  Grades are calculated using the scores compiled from class, i.e., exams, labs, papers, and assignments, etc.  The grading scale is as follows:

93-100 = A
86-92.99 = B
77-84.99 = C
70-76.99 = D
<70 = F

Student Progress
Students need to be aware of their academic standing in all courses in which they are enrolled.  Feedback is provided regularly and given in the form of exam and assignment scores.  At midterm, all students who are earn a grade below the passing threshold will receive an Academic Improvement Plan regarding course progress. Midterm grades entered in SONIS are based on exam average only and do not include supplemental course work. Academic improvement plans are not required to be completed for students in non-degree courses.

Students are expected to attend all meetings of class and scheduled laboratory sessions in which they have enrolled. Attendance at lab sessions is required. Attendance will be recorded for each scheduled class and laboratory. It is the student's responsibility to attend all classes, arrive on time, and stay for the entire designated time. 

Testing and Test Taking Policy
Exams are administered at regular intervals in all courses and are expected to be taken as scheduled.  If an exam is missed, it must be made up as soon as possible and no later than the next class session. No smartwatch, fitness trackers, hand-held technology, ball caps, sunglasses, food, drinks, candy, cough drops, earplugs, earbuds, or calculators brought in by students are allowed while testing.  Examination/Test Review will be managed by the instructor and addressed in the course syllabus.

Non-degree seeking students should also review Section V:  Policies and Standards of Behavior.