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Nursing Clinical Lab Expectations and Evaluation

  1. Expectations - It is understood that throughout the courses in the program, nursing care will be given:
    1. Safely - so that the patient is not endangered by the environment; treatments and medications; by lack of knowledge of the student; or by disregard of agency policies.
    2. Honestly - so that in every interaction between student and patient, health care team member, and instructor, the student’s communicates ethically and truthfully.
    3. Professionally so that in all actions, a student follows policies and procedures.  Maintains appropriate boundaries and communicates clearly and effectively.
  2. Evaluations
    1. Each student will receive a weekly written evaluation of clinical performance.
    2. Each student will receive a mid-term and final evaluation of clinical performance.
    3. Each student will have the opportunity to discuss the evaluation with the clinical instructor.
    4. Each student who receives an unsatisfactory final clinical/lab evaluation will fail the clinical portion of the course.
  3. Remediation
    1. An AIP will be completed for any student who has unsatisfactory mid-term or final evaluations for future clinical settings.
    2. It is the student’s responsibility to follow through with remediation recommendations on the AIP.