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Lakeview uses Merit to celebrate student accomplishments and turn those achievements into a verified online profile – a Merit page – for every one of our students. These Merit pages are automatically updated by Lakeview when students make the dean’s list, earn academic awards, and more. Hundreds of colleges in the US use Merit to recognize and promote success via personalized Merit pages for their students.

Updates to Merit pages are also shared with a network of stakeholders that care deeply about each student’s success: their high school, their hometown media outlets, their parents, and friends via social networks. Updating these important audiences with personalized stories of helps Lakeview College of Nursing demonstrate the opportunities that are available.

Why is Merit important for students?

  • Merit helps people who make decisions about internships, grad school, and jobs find the “good stuff” about students and recognizes their accomplishments with badges that show that they’re authentic.
  • A Merit profile creates a positive online identity for post-graduation success.

What should students know?

Your Merit page is created and updated automatically – you don’t have to maintain it; the college does it for you!

You can, however, enhance and add to your page, if desired.  Merit allows students to customize their Merit page URL, add a profile photo, bio, and other activities and work experience. You can even include photos and videos to the activities you add to further demonstrate your involvement.

When you connect your Merit page to your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you’ll ensure that your friends and family can also see and learn about the great opportunities you’re taking advantage of and being recognized for at Lakview. It’s an important way for you to be a part of our story and help us tell it.

What types of accomplishments will be included?

  • Enrollment
  • Graduation
  • Dean's List
  • Lakeview Scholarships
  • Lakeview Honor Society
  • Pinnacle Honor Society

Can other types of accomplishments be included?

  • Yes!  Please use the Contribution Form, http://lakeviewcol.meritpas./cntrribution/new, to submit your ideas for Merit recognition verified through Lakeview College of Nursing.
  • While we can only include certain official accomplishments through this process, students will have the ability to add other accomplishments to their profile. They will appear in a different part of the profile, under the heading "Added by student" to differentiate them from the LCN-approved achievements.
  • Involvement in on- or off-campus employment, and other achievements can be added by students.

What Else Can I Do With Merit?

In addition to enhancing their Merit pages and connecting them to social networks, students can and should include their Merit page URL on their resumes and share it with potential employers or graduate admissions counselors. Merit is a verified showcase of your accomplishments and a powerful way to show employers the success, skills, and expertise you have gained at Lakeview College of Nursing.

Can I opt-out of Merit?

Yes, you may opt-out one of two ways:

  1. Click the link at the bottom of the email notification you will receive once an achievement is granted.
  2. E-mail the Coordinator of Recruitment/Marketing, amcfadden@lakeviewcol.edu, with your request.