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Name, Address, or SS# Change

It shall be student's responsibility to update their address information through SONIS. In the event of a name changes, the student should contact the Director of Enrollment/Registrar.  A name change must be substantiated by two forms of legal documentation such as a marriage certificate and driver's license.

The student whose social security number changed must provide verification (new social security card and photo identification) to the Director of Enrollment/Registrar. 

Name Change - Transgender, gender non-conforming, gender variant, and non-cisgender students who wish to change their birth name and/or legal name to a preferred name must meet with the Director of Enrollment/Registrar to discuss the scope and limitations of the preferred name request:

Limitations - Although the College is committed to supporting students in the transgender community, it is important to understand that designating a preferred name for use at Lakeview College of Nursing does not constitute a legal name change. A student's birth name and/or legal name will continue to be used on certain College documents. Preferred first and/or middle names may be designated. The College is unable to designate a preferred surname without documents showing that the surname has been changed legally by a court or government entity.

Students interested in changing their name legally can find resources through local government or The Organization Transequality https://transequality.org/documents.