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Technology Requirements

Students entering Lakeview College of Nursing are required to have a personal laptop computer configured to the college's specifications (Microsoft Office, webcam for video conferencing, video assignments, and testing, plus internal and external audio capabilities). This requirement responds to technical changes on the computerized testing platform, as well as the widespread adoption of computer technology in health care. Specifications are outlined on the College website: https://lakeviewcol.edu/technology

Testing Learning Management Software (LMS)

Edvance360 is the learning management software used by all nursing courses. Lectures, PowerPoint slides, tests, discussion forum questions, grades, and assignments will be posted on Lakeview College of Nursing Edvance360. The minimum requirements for this LMS is Firefox or Internet Explorer with Javascript enabled, and the latest Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader.

Please note that there are scheduled maintenance times for Edvance360. It is essential that you are aware of those times and make sure that you have submitted any work in progress (e.g., tests, assignments, posts to journal, wikis or discussion boards) prior to the systems being shutdown for maintenance. Any work in progress will be lost when the servers go down for maintenance. Students will be notified about scheduled maintenance by Miranda Shake, Library Director.