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Procedure for Academic Probation and Academic Dismissal

At the end of each semester, the Registrar's Office will notify the Dean of Nursing and the Financial Aid Office of any student who been placed on academic probation/financial aid warning or dismissed from the college/financial aid suspension.

Academic Probation
The Registrar will notify the student by e-mail of the academic probation/financial aid warning with the required academic probation remediation requirements. The Registrar's Office will note the academic probation or academic dismissal on the student's transcript.

Remediation for Academic Probation: The student will receive an academic probation remediation form. The student will be required to develop and submit their remediation plan with detailed action steps to help them be successful in future courses. Note: The student must submit their remediation plan by the first day of the next semester. Failure to provide the remediation plan will cause the student to be dropped from all of their courses. To enroll back into courses, the student will have to go through the readmission process and sit before the admissions committee.

Once the student submits the remediation form, the student’s academic advisor, the college tutor, and the campus lab coordinator will review the student’s plan. The individualized remediation plan will be developed, and the student must fulfill all requirements of the plan throughout the semester. Failure to meet the requirements will cause the student to be academically dismissed.

Academic Dismissal
The Registrar will notify the student by certified letter of the academic dismissal. The Registrar's Office will note the academic dismissal on the student's transcript. A student who has been dismissed is prohibited from enrolling in any courses and therefore not eligible for any federal, state or private aid. If the student has pre-registered for an upcoming semester, they will be automatically disenrolled from their classes. The student will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. The student may reapply for readmission after the dismissal period of one semester.


Glossary of Terms:

Academic Dismissal/Financial Aid Suspension – student failed to meet the minimum standard by total withdraw in a semester and/or being on a warning status previously and/or reaching maximum time frame for Program of Study

Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) - prepared by the student’s instructor or academic advisor/counselor (or other pertinent LCN staff) when a student is not making satisfactory academic progress.

Academic Probation/Financial Aid Probation (Re-admitted Status) - the student has an approved Appeal for readmission to the College and reinstatement of Title IV and/or State student aid for one additional term unless an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) is being met.

Academic Probation/Financial Aid Warning - the first time a student fails to meet the minimum standard in any one of the components. 

Good Standing – a student is meeting the minimum standards each enrollment period.

Minimum Standards - student has a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 and is staying on pace with a success rate of completing all credit hours attempted and is completing (on pace) their program within the published time frames formatted in credit hours.

Program of Study - the educational program the student has indicated they are pursuing at the College. LCN has one program, the BSN Degree.

Quantitative Measure - the Pace at which the student must be completing their Program of Study, which must be monitored for completion before maximum time allotted for program is reached. The Pace varies by level of enrollment each term but has set maximums.

Remediation Plan - a plan created by the student and remediation coordinator when a student is placed on academic probation. This plan is created to ensure student success.

Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) - a Federal requirement applied to all students who have Federal Student Aid funding (pending, actual, or estimated awards). LCN has one policy that applies to all students.

Time of Completion - the Maximum timeframe is 150% completion of the published program timeframe. This calculation considers all cumulative credit hours attempted (not earned).