Laptop Requirement

Beginning with the new students arriving in August 2016, Lakeview College of Nursing will require students to have a laptop or tablet. 

Lakeview uses a testing platform called ExamSoft. Here is a page regarding their minimum laptop/tablet:

Please keep in mind that these are minimum requirements that can change, so buying a laptop or tablet that exceeds these requirements is a good idea. 

Our learning management platform is called Edvance360.  The minimum requirements for this are Firefox or Internet Explorer with Javascript enabled, the latest Adobe Flash Player and, in order  to download pdfs, Adobe Reader.

Although not required, Microsoft Office is recommended. Many classes require papers written in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. In some cases your courses require you to create a PowerPoint presentation as well. Microsoft Office 2010 Pro is available in the computer labs (one located on each campus).

Open Office is a free alternative to Microsoft Office, available for download from  It can both read and write files in Microsoft Office format.

A personal printer is recommended for ease of printing from home. Printers are also available in the labs on campus. Printing is limited to 1000 pages per semester. Once this page limit is exceeded, students are charged 5 cents per page. 

Lakeview does not have wireless printing, so a USB flash drive is also recommended to transfer files from your laptop to a lab computer for printing. This could also be done via E-mail or using Google Drive. 

E-Mail Accounts

All Lakeview College of Nursing students are assigned an e-mail account upon entry into the College. E-mail should be accessed through the Lakeview College of Nursing web site, Simply click on "My E-mail" in the uppermost menu. For the Login ID, use your first initial and last name, all in lower case (e.g. jdoe for Jane Doe). For the password, use the letters "lcn" followed by the last six digits of your social security number.

Please note: This e-mail account, while similar to the E-mail function that is included in Edvance360 for on-line courses, is a separate account. Once you have logged into your e-mail account, you can change the password to something of your own choice.  A link for changing your password is available on the mail login page.  Please note that this same password is used for Edvance, ExamSoft, SONIS, to access protected library resources from off-campus, and to log into the computers in the computer labs.

Please be aware that e-mail through this account will be the primary communication mode from faculty to students. If you have any trouble with the system, please notify IT Coordinator, 217-709-0927.


ExamSoft is the product Lakeview uses for testing. Our unique url is  To visit their Support page go here: You can search for PC/Mac requirements in the knowledge base. A shortcut to that topic is here.

The login for ExamSoft is your lcn username and password you use for lcn email.  To login to SofTest you will need to add lcn\ before the username. Example: the ExamSoft website username would be jdoe password: lcn123456  but SofTest username would be: lcn\jdoe password: lcn123456


Lakeview College of Nursing has taken steps to prevent plagiarism by using a plagiarism prevention tool called turn-it-in. Your instructors will be giving you information on how to enroll in their course via A Student User Guide can be found at  it will give you information on how to create your user profile, submit your paper online and much more.

Any matching text they find is detailed in an Originality Report sent to your class portfolio. You will be able to view Originality Reports only if your instructor has given you permission to access them.

Wireless Internet Access

Lakeview College of Nursing wireless networking available in Danville and Charleston.  In order to use the service you will need your own laptop computer or other device and it will need to have a built-in wireless networking support, or else you will need to install a wireless network card, which is not provided by Lakeview. You should also have a charged battery; electrical outlets are available but limited.

No special encryption settings, user names, or passwords are required.

Printers are only available in the computer lab, so you will need to email documents to yourself or use a flash drive to save and print documents there.

You must have up to date anti-virus protection. It is solely the responsibility of the wireless device owner/user to provide anti-virus protection, and to configure their laptop settings to provide the appropriate security settings to control access from other wireless devices within the building and the internet itself. Lakeview College of Nursing cannot and will not take responsibility for damages incurred for incorrect, insufficient or incomplete security settings; or lack of adequate or up-to-date virus protection. Wireless users assume all risks in this regard.

EIU Campus Wireless Internet Access

More information on the EIU Campus Wireless Internet Access through the EIU website,

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