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NCLEX-RN Preparation

Fingerprinting & Background Check Requirement for NCLEX

All individuals applying for initial licensure as a registered nurse in Illinois must submit to a criminal background check and provide evidence of fingerprint processing from the Illinois State Police or its designated agent. Lakeview College of Nursing senior students may contact a livescan-fingerprinting vendor, approved by the Illinois State Police, to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting. Fingerprinting will also be arranged by Lakeview College of Nursing. Each NCLEX-RN applicant will be provided a written receipt once they have been fingerprinted. This receipt must be submitted to the Department’s testing vendor along with the examination application and fee in order for the applicant to be scheduled for the examination. Fingerprints must be taken within 60 days prior to submission of the application for licensure. Any cost that is incurred is the responsibility of the student.

NCLEX-RN Procedures & Registered Nurse Licensure

The following describes the procedures for applying to sit for the NCLEX-RN Examination.

  1. The Dean or designee will meet with seniors during the final semester to discuss the application procedures for registering to take the NCLEX-RN examination and applying for a RN licensure.
  2. Students will register on line for the NCLEX-RN examination through Pearson Vue (http://www.personvue.com/). The application can be submitted online with a credit card payment of $200 or downloaded and mailed in with a cashier’s check or money order. Students should maintain a copy of all applications sent on line or via certified mail.
  3. State licensure forms must be completed by the student. This can be done by identifying the state board of nursing in the desired state for licensure, accessing the website, and applying online or downloading the application for licensure by examination. All states require a fee for submitting an application that can be paid form by credit card, cashier’s check, or money order. Some states require a background check as a part of the licensure process. Students must identify the time limit set by the state for an acceptable background check. (The State of Illinois will only accept background checks done within 60 days from submission of the application for licensure).
  4. Students are responsible for sending to the state agency processing their application for licensure their receipt of fingerprinting and background check by certified mail.
  5. Transcripts and/or verification of graduation forms will not be sent until the student meets all of the requirements for graduation. All transcripts and/or verification forms will be sent by certified mail to the desired state of licensure or when needed to the graduate.
  6. Any information that is sent by mail for licensure or registration SHOULD be copied and sent by registered/certified mail.
  7. The Dean of Nursing will be available for questions.