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Lakeview College of Nursing reserves the right to make appropriate revisions, amendments, or corrections to policies and procedures at any time with or without notice.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendars are here: https://www.lakeviewcol.edu/academic-calendar

General Information

Registration for the next semester should be done on designated dates indicated on the academic calendar to avoid late fees.

Degree seeking students must meet with their academic advisor prior to registration for classes. All admission records must be completed prior to registration. Failure to have student health records on file with CastleBranch will prevent a student from participating in any clinical courses.

Non-degree seeking students must contact the Director of Enrollment/Registrar in order to register. Class size is limited, and enrollment for late registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Each registered student must show verification of financial aid coverage and/or pay tuition and fees by the date specified on their semester invoice. Failure to pay or to make financial arrangements by the date specified will result in an automatic drop of all courses. The student must then register during the late registration period if they still wishes to attend and pay tuition and fees, as well as the late payment fee of $50 at the time of registration. Students who have produced a certificate of eligibility by the first day of class for Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment or Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits will not be charged a late fee or denied access to college resources.

A student cannot register for a course that has already started (this includes clinical and/or lab).

Registrations are subject to administrative change to insure that all students are placed in courses they need, and courses and clinical groups are balanced according to faculty availability and clinical agency requirements.

Current Student Registration

Students enrolled are encouraged to register for the upcoming semester in October and March according to the dates established for registration (see academic calendar). A late registration fee of $50 will be applied to a student account if registrations are received after the two-week registration period.

The following procedure should be followed:

  • Students can view their advisor's name from their SONIS account.
  • Students will contact their advisor for an appointment to register in October and March.
  • The advisor will review, complete, and sign the program plan.
  • Any changes in a student's program plan due to course failure or withdrawal may cause the student's name to be placed on a waiting list for courses that need to be repeated.
  • The student will sign the program plan.
  • A copy of the program plan will be given to the Director of Enrollment/Registrar by the advisor.
  • A billing statement will be generated and mailed to the student by the College Secretary/Cashier. Students have the capability from their SONIS account to view the balance of their account.


Cancellation of Courses

The College reserves the right to cancel a course up to and including the first day of the class meets.