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Pre-Admission Test Information

The HESI A2 admission assessment is required for all applicants (except RNs).  This test will be made available through a remote proctoring service so that you can schedule it at your convenience and take it from home.  You will need to register for your exam at least 72 hrs. prior to your preferred test date and pay for your exam before you can register.  The earlier you begin this process, the more flexibility you will have on time slot options.  

Cost:  $60

Accommodation Requests:  Director of Disability Services, studentsfirst@lcn.edu. Please make requests as soon as possible and well before registering for the HESI A2 test.

How to Register for the HESI A2 Test

  1.  Set up an Elsevier Account by going to https://evolve.elsevier.com and clicking on I’m a student.  (If you already have an account, you will not need to create another one).
  2.  Set up a ProctorU Account - (Important to Select "Elsevier - HESI" as Institution).
  3. Login to ProctorU Account
  4. Schedule Your Exam and Make Payment through ProctorU as directed through this link.


Exam Title for Registration within ProctorU:

If you are:

Take this test.

1st Time Test Taker for Early or Regular Decision

HESI A2 - 1st Time Test Taker 2324


2nd Time Test Taker for Early or Regular Decision

HESI A2 - 2nd Time Test Taker 2324


Seeking our Advanced Admit Option

HESI A2 - Reading Section Only 2324


****Please contact Connie Young, cyoung@lcn.edu, to alert us to pull your scores from the portal once you have completed the exam.

Please be advised of the following when taking your exam:

  • Clean Desk Policy - All desks must be completely cleared off and free from any books, notes, drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID Required - All test takers will be required to present a valid Government Issued Photo ID at the time of their exam. 
  • Online Calculator Only - No handheld calculators are allowed during the exam.  The platform has a built-in calculator that can be used.
  • White Boards Only - Scratch paper is not allowed.  You must use a whiteboard or 1 sheet of paper inside a transparency sleeve used with a dry erase marker that is to be erased at the end of the exam prior to disconnecting from ProctorU's platform.
  • No Headphones or Earplugs - These are not allowed unless you have an approved accommodation.


Admission Test FAQs and Lakeview Score Requirements

How to Prepare for the HESI A2:

It is highly recommended to prepare for this test by purchasing a study guide and reviewing in some manner. An internet search for “nursing school entrance exam” will provide the resources needed to prepare or you can check out these resources:


Please note when preparing that we do not require the Physics Section of the HESI A2 Test.

Technical Support & Training:

Please take a look at these resources to help you prepare for exam day.


If  a student needs live assistance, they can contact ProctorU through Live Chat or call them directly at 855-772-8687.